Join the Revolution; Grow Food Not Lawns!

The Edible Landscaper offers an alternative to traditional landscaping services by focusing primarily on edible plants.  Edible can be beautiful! With a mixture of perennials and annuals, ornamental and edible, we help you transcend the ordinary with style and grace.  Let the world know that you care about health; your’s, your family’s and your planet’s!  Show the neighborhood that fresh, locally grown food is important to you.  Impress them with your commitment to sustainability. Ditch the lawnmower. Plant a garden.  Show, don’t tell!

Are You Brave Enough to Grow a Garden?

The Edible Landscaper is delighted to help you in your gardening adventure.  We offer design, installation, and maintenance services as well as Garden Coach consulting.  Give us a call at 207.232.2447 to talk about your garden vision.  Initial consultation and site visit is always free!